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FNO: InsureTech Podcast

From the Podcasts App

In the Podcasts app, find the series or show's details page. You can search for it in the "Search" tab manually, select it from the "Library" tab, tap the link to it from the "Listen Now" tab, or hit the show's link on the Now Playing modal when playing an episode.

Once you're inside the series or show's details page, scroll to the Ratings & Review section. From there, you can read reviews for it, if necessary, by hitting "See All." If you've already listened to it, tap the corresponding star (from one to five) you wish to give it to provide a rating. To explain your rating, touch "Write a Review" to share your opinion in more detail, and hit "Send" when done.

Thank you for Rating and/or Reviewing FNO: InsureTech. We appreciate your feedback, and we appreciate you listening.

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